( Clue: Answers shown highlighted in red on these 2 pages: What Matters Most and What's in yoghurt drinks? )

1: Name 1 important property of any good probiotic: 



2: Name the other important property of a really great probiotic:



3:  L. casei immunitas and L. casei shirota are 2 examples of common single bacterial strains (in the same species).
    a) True
    b) or False


4: Kefir typically contains the following number of different strains of beneficial microorgansisms
    a) one                  
    b) two                  
    c) several             
    d) several dozens  


5:  Typical “probiotic” or yogurt drinks on the market contain the following number of specific strains of beneficial bacteria:
    a) just a couple  
    b) or dozens


6: These drinks generally contain which:
    a) no sugar
    b) or a little sugar
    c) or a lot of sugar


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