Kefi & Dairy Intolerance

Kefi is not dairy free (it's made from kefir-fermented dairy) but we have every reason to believe that Kefi is tolerated by people who don't tolerate regular dairy ...


So how does that work exactly?   It's all do with the potent microbial activity of the living "good bugs" within our products which make a range of naturally occuring ENZYMES that break up the proteins and sugar (lactose) in the dairy whether or not those enzymes exist in the person eating the product.  In other words, Kefi "auto-digests" !


If you're interested to know more, scientific research papers supporting what we are saying can be found here


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I guess many of you reading this are thinking something like "Well that's all well and good but it won't work for me as my reaction to dairy is particularly bad" .    I hear this kind of thing all the time.   So please stick with me for a moment ....


Before creating Kefi, in my work as a nutritional therapist, very often I would encourage certain clients to quit regular dairy but even more often, I would encourage clients (very often the same ones) to take up regular consumption of fermented dairy, ideally kefir but live natural yoghurt as a distant second best.    At the time of writing, I must have encouraged umpteen hundreds of people with severe intolerance reactions to regular dairy to try either kefir or Kefi and to date, not a single one has had any issue!  This continues to be our experience since starting the Kefi business.


And I'm not talking about people who "don't feel too clever" after a feed of cheese: I'm talking about children with severe eczema or asthma or both;  children on the autistic spectrum with spectacularly bad intestinal issues on eating regular dairy; adults who would experience dramatic rheumatoid arthritis flares from accidental consumption of even tiny amounts of standard dairy in, for example, a restaurant soup .... When encouraged to try, not only did none of these severe dairy intolerants have any troubles with kefir or Kefi, but most often, their health improved dramatically in a variety of ways!  (These included life long thrush problems disappearing, blood thining medications no longer needed; auto-immune disorders going into remission; irritable bowel ceasing; clients coming off years of anti-reflux meds without isuse etc etc. ...)


The short version is this: regular ol' cow dairy is problematic for some, very much so for a small percentage of us;  kefir fermented dairy is beneficial for all! Dramatically so!  


There are always special cases and we certainly do not advise our products for those with a proven dairy allergy (very different from an intolerance) with the allergy being a very different process involving anaphylactic type reactions: swelling of the lips and mouth, streaming eyes, compromised breathing etc.


With the exception of a true dairy allergy, our own professional clinical experience coupled with plenty of independent research suggests kefir products "auto-digest", thus circumventing the normal intolerance triggers (lacking the enzymes to break down casein or lactose typically)


So our advice to anybody (not in the aforemention true allergy tiny minority):

Curtail regular cow dairy as much as you need to; get in as much live fermented dairy (yoghurt; kefir; Kefi) as you possibly can.


Anybody interested to go into the dairy intolerance thing in still more detail, check out these pages on  what might be behind dairy intolerance and what can be some of the risks of dairy free living .