Our Founder: Conor "the Gut Guy"

It was the professional experience of our founder, Conor Saunders, working as a clinical nutritional therapist that provided the initial inspiration for the Kefi healthfood range.  Conor learned what modern medical science is increasingly discovering: that gut health and probiotics may provide the key to attenuating a wide range of health issues from autism through irritable bowel syndrome to obesity and depression.

In his clinical work, Conor discovered that no manufactured supplement could match the probiotic potency of the traditional fermented superfood kefir. Conor then began experimenting with blending natural kefir with other natural ingredients and fruits to create a range of scrumptious healthfood ice-creams suitable for all, including diabetics and gluten and dairy mal-digesters.

Conor sees no reason why the delicious cannot be combined with the healthful and has many other smart functional food products in the pipeline.

Conor continues to work as a nutritional therapist and to give classes and talks on various aspects of nutrition for health as well as being a regular contributor on East Coast FM.  In addition, Conor is currently leading a multi-disciplinary team to establish an integrative drug free residential care centre for those struggling with mental illness issues.  Finally, in his spare time, Conor is working to complete a Masters in the exciing new field of Nutrigenomics & Personalised Medicine