Kefi is made by a small company called Fermental. We are a family-run artisan health food business, based in Wicklow, the beautiful “garden of Ireland”.


Kefi was the brainchild of a nutritionist called Conor who knows more than most about the huge importance of the human "microbiome' for our health.


In his nutritional therapy work, Conor often came across adults  and  kids who would have some health difficulty which, perhaps surprisingly, was actually being promoted directly by "dysbiosis" the fancy name for having an overgrowth of “bad bugs” living in your gut. Heal the gut and the person gets better!


Science is very recently discovering that “nasty gremlins in the gut” can be linked with conditions ranging from ADHD and autism, arthritis, diabetes, depression, eczema and yes, obesity.


To date, we know of no better way to heal the human gut than kefir. The only problem is natural kefir can be fiddly to make and is not to everyone's taste.


Inventor of Kefi, Conor, could never get his young children to drink natural kefir. So he began experimenting with adding fruits and freezing. And the kids liked it! And it liked them and their health improved! Later he teamed up with some food engineer boffins and Kefi was born.


Today Conor is still a bit of a health nut but now everyone in the family smiles as the kids reach for more Kefi ice cream.

We really hope you can share in this joy!


Natural kefir is a great gift of Mother Nature to us all.  Kefi is our little spin on this truly special food.