It's taken us a while to create these 5 great flavours but it's been worth it!  We first wanted to create a range where everybody loved at least one variety: now just about everybody loves them all!


Made using real Wicklow milk and cream and kefir cultures of course, and then flavoured with the highest quality Bourbon Vanilla extract and vanilla seeds. You might just find this is the best vanilla ice cream you have ever tasted. A real pleasure!


Inspired by the wonderful mojito cocktail, this one is a low fat product based around the glorious pairing of lime and mint. Again we use the highest quality cold pressed oils to flavour this baby: it really doesn't get much better.


This one is great, just a shade more tart than the rest thanks to the large percentage of real raspberries we purée into the mix. A sophisticated choice.


This one goes down great with adults and kids and is flavored and flecked throughout with delicious ripe Spanish peaches. Mmmmm...


A wonderful smooth product flavoured with the notes of no less than 6 different berries and currants. A shade sweeter than the others, you won't find any kid and few adults that won't devour this one!