Optimal Use


How much Kefi should I take and how often?

Frequency: All new research is quite clear that a little quality probiotic DAILY is the ideal, rather than a "course" followed by nothing which used to be suggested. The "little amount daily" approach is explained by newer research clearing showing that a great majority of bacterial strains do not permanently colonise the gut, but rather are transitory, offering their benefits as they pass through the body in approximately a day.
How much:
Adults: we recommend 50ml (approx. 2 heaped tablespoons) or 1/10 of the standard 500ml tub daily.
Our estimates suggest that Kefi contains approx 1.5 Billion CFU in 1 millilitre (!) which means this modest daily serving may contain 75 Billion CFU.  As typical     supplements contain 1 Billion per capsule or 30 Billion in a month's supply, it can be seen that Kefi is a great option in terms of potency with a modest single Kefi serving containing more live cells than 2 month's supply of a typical supplement!
Kids, aged 3 - 12: we recommend approx 20ml (approx. 3 heaped teaspoons) daily.
Kids, aged 6 months - 3: we recommend approx 10ml (approx. 2 flat teaspoons) daily.
Under 6 months: we do not recommend Kefi under 6 months. This is precautionary only and many cultures traditionally (as well as many of our clients!) have given kefir to very small infants, However, due to differences in early gut flora, we do not advise use of Kefi until 6 months of age.  

** IMPORTANT ** All of the above are sufficient for a mega-biotic effect but nothing negative happens if you have plenty more, as many of our customers and indeed we ourselves have most days!  It's more a matter of the above modest amounts being already sufficient to offer a mega-biotic daily boost


Is it possible to have too much?

Short answer, no! Except possibly for the first time: see next answer below. Kefir is consummed by millions of people worldwide at the rate of approx a litre per day.  This equates to 4 full 500ml tubs of Kefi (which is approx half kefir).   So while theoretically too much of anything isn't a good idea, we think even our biggest fans should be fine!

Initial Use: start gently!

Any strong probiotic can sometimes provoke unusual responses on initial use. So start slowly!
Many of us today are somewhat "dysbiotic", meaning we play host to more "bad bugs" than "good" ones in the gut.  This can mean that when we first introduce a potent souce of healthy live cultures as found in Kefi, a process of "die-off" of those bad bugs can occur.  Most people do not notice anything much but a percentage can experience things like bloating, wind, cramping and/or 1 or more unusual bowel movements.  This is not a bad sign as it simply means bad bugs are being pushed out of the system.  Typically, any such issues are initial only and should resolve by the second or third use.   
So, to summarise, any odd or upleasent responses on initial use should not cause anybody to conclude that they should stop using kefir or Kefi as in fact, it is likely that these people are in more need of probiotics than most people as dysbiosis was or is present.   Expect any uncomfortable issues to resolve after a couple of times.
(In the unlikely event that unpleasant symptoms persist, we suggest you contact us and discontinue use.)